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21 February 2011

Canon Printer MP198 Errors Code

E2-2 No paper (ASF)
E3-3 Paper jam
E4 No ink
E5-5 The ink cartridges are not installed or a non-supported ink cartridge is installed, or the ink cartridges are not installed properly
E8 Waste ink absorber full, or platen waste ink absorber full
E9 The connected digital camera / video camera does not support Camera Direct Printing
E14 The Ink cartridges whose destination are wrong
E15 Ink cartridge is not installed E16 - Ink remaining is unknown
E16 -E19 Failed to scan head alignment sheet
E22 Carriage error
E23 Paper feed error
E24 Purge unit error
E25 ASF(cam) sensor error
E26 Internal temperature rise error
E27 Waste ink absorber full or platen waste ink absorber full
E28 Ink cartridge temperature rise error -
E29 EEPROM error
E33 Paper feed position error
E35 15 USB Host VBUD overcurrent error - USB
E37 17 Abnormal motor driver error
E40 20 Other hardware error
E42 22 Scanner error

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